Best Potential Investments Digital Brand Can Try During Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic has badly impacted our business and the economy has gone really down. Everyone thought that online selling companies would make the most profit since everyone was locked down. Instead of going to retail stores, people would order online sitting at home. But, honestly online digital brand companies have definitely seen some better days.

The most challenging thing for small online companies is the logistic network. They do not have facilities like Amazon and other big companies. So the delayed deliveries were definitely freaking out customers and the refund request was more compared to normal days.

There are several ways to keep the business on track so that even a digital brand can run smoothly during this time.

1. Be in contact with your customers

In this pandemic, when everyone is scared and not coming out of their houses, be in contact with your customers, and show some empathy. Maybe helping elders with their grocery shopping or contributing food to the needy.

“It’s a unique opportunity for brands to unite together! said Thrive social media manager Savannah Keck. Our communities need each other now more than ever. People need support, understanding, education, resources. Social media can provide just that and can be extremely powerful if it’s done correctly.”

2. Make sure your business is seen online

This is the best time to be seen online. Each and everyone is glued to the screen whether it is for passing time or anything. People are shopping more online compared to other days and you should try “search engine optimization” to be seen at the top of Google search.

“People still place orders and need things even when at home, said Thrive senior SEO manager Carlos Rosado. “A lot of people still contact companies during work hours, and that is not going to change just because they are home. Your competition may adjust but that doesn’t mean you have to stop everything and lose sales.”

Best Potential Investments Digital Brand Can Try During Covid-19

3. Advertising is the smartest move for a digital brand

Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective ways in recent times. People who are continuously over their phones and other screens would definitely click and see if they find the ad attractive. Moreover, this is the best time to invest in this advertisement because the cost of this advertisement has decreased compared to previous rates.

“It’s a great time to continue your digital marketing as other advertisers may go offline at this time, said Thrive PPC manager John Powell, “and businesses can capture traffic and conversions because of reduced competition. We have clients’ best interests in mind and work to provide solutions to maintain exposure while prioritizing budget spend during these uncertain times.”

4. Stay ahead of your competitor to make a digital brand

SEO definitely helps to increase the involvement of customers on the website. Since it is not only you who is investing in SEO, your competitors as well are doing the same thing, so choose the keywords carefully and keep optimizing your website and content on a regular basis.

“It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and do whatever is possible to keep your website updated and optimized, said Thrive senior demand generation manager Alan Muther. The level of competition within businesses will probably increase in the near future and it’s also important to remain competitive with your digital marketing strategy to help your site rank higher than competitors.”

5. Bounce- Back Surge

Always remember that SEO is a long term campaign, whatever you are investing now on this maybe the results will be seen after a few days or months. But stopping the campaign now will never be a good choice. Maybe once things normalize, you might see the difference in the business pattern.

“As SEO professionals, the work we do today will affect the results months from now”, said Thrive SEO strategist Dan Casey. If you stop the momentum now when the market starts to rise you won’t see the results you want. Anticipate the low times, prepare, and press now while others are letting up. The results will be in your favor when you will need it.

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It’s not only small businesses that have got impacted; other big companies are impacted too. This year achieving financial goals looks impossible for all minor and major companies. Companies are trying smart marketing and many ad campaigns to fight against this and stay positive in this situation.

This is definitely a challenging time for each and every one. But, with empathy and positive hope things will again be back to normal and business will be seen again rising. Just be in contact with customers like never before and help them in every possible way.

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